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Field  Support  is providing camp and catering services to the Oil & Gas companies, to construction and engineering firms, to drilling contractors and to junior mining.

As individuals we have been working all around the world but although our work locations can be measured geographically, they can also be categorized by the type of environment in which our work has been performed. As a matter of fact, we have a cumulated experience of Artic conditions, Desert, Jungle, Offshore and Moutains.

Our business is taking care of our client's employees and facilities at remote locations around the world.

Our clients are looking for a safe, efficient and friendly living environment for their employees assigned to remote sites. To meet their needs we offer : People Services , Business Services , Building Services.

Each contract is a unique bundle of services tailored to a client's specific needs. We never offer a simple catalogue of services where "one size fits all" because each project is different.

We are Field  Support  .

  Exploration or construction camp design kitchen and laundry equipement supply catering, laundry, housekeeping manpower provider
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