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Field  Support  is not a camp manufacturer. We are providing specialized engineering services. Our core business is camp design. Therefore, throughout the years, we have developed an expertise in modular camps procurement and erection.

Field  Support  has a vast network of prefabricated camps manufacturers (Italy, Turkey, UAE, Canada, China) that can answer to any of our request : single units or turnkey solutions. We can also provide you storage solutions for your dry or frozen goods.

camp facilities such as kitchen units, restaurant, mess hall, storage facilities accomodation units

We can supply :

accomodation units, laundry units, kitchen units accomodation units, laundry unit, kitchen facilities, recreation room, offices, mess hall...
prefabricated kitchen, modular restaurant, reefer container prefabricated units, tents, refurbished containers, modular houses, reefer containers...
sewage treatment plant, water treatment unit sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants...

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