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Junior mining and exploration

Every year, hundreds of companies explore the underground of Africa or South America. Most of them are mining venture capital firms. Their mission is not always to build mines but to advance properties to audited reserves and construction capital costs.

exploration junior mining During prospecting or exploration, most of the teams are living in total autonomy. Therefore, Field  Support  can be of assistance in providing them tented camps, accomodation units and sometimes skilled expatriate personnel.

exploration junior mining During feasibility studies, Field  Support can bring its expertise in camp and catering costs and also in sustanaibility actions related to catering and hotel services.

exploration junior mining During construction, Field  Support  will provide construction camps, kitchen and laundry fixed equipement. We will also procure spare parts for your camp facilities and utilities.

Operating mines

During all the life of your mine site, Field  Support  will be your prefered supplier for camp facilities and equipement, spare parts, catering and hotel services.
In addition, Field  Support  aims to be your partner for developing a unique and customized sustainable action plan in relation with camp management (manpower, supplies, small business).
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