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Oil&Gas upstream is related to exploration, development and production of oil / gas fields.

geological surveys During geological surveys a very small number of people is to be considered. Such teams are usually in total autonomy and find what they need for a living by themselves.

geophysical prospecting During geophysical prospecting, heavy equipment can be used and the teams tend to be more important. Although most of the seismic teams reuse their camps (as they are mobile), Field  Support  will be supplying accomodation units and skilled expatriate personnel (westerners or asian citizens).

well drilling When well drilling will start, Field  Support  will be also providing accomodation units, skilled expatriate personnel. At this stage, Field  Support can also initiate socioeconomic actions and establish first long-term relationship with local communities.

field development During field development (well and productions plants), Field  Support  will provide turnkey solutions that may consist in camp design, sourcing, supply and erection. We will also procure spare parts for your camp facilities and utilities. We will continue developing socioeconomic actions.

Customized solutions for each cycle of your oil/gas field development project

Each phase of this cycle has its specificity in terms of camp requirements : mobile and easy to set up for seismic teams, cost-effective for exploration teams, confortable and fully equiped during drilling operations...

It is Field  Support  responsibility to adapt its solutions to your need : temporary facilities sourcing, kitchen and laundry equipment supply, skilled manpower recruitement, training and/or management...
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