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Field  Support has one of the most extensive database of kitchen, restaurant, laundry and camp equipements, furniture and spare parts dedicated to remote sites, onshore and offhsore. Should you need to equip a new facilities or to upgrade an existing one, Field  Support  will source, supply and install all your specialised equipement.

When it is time for you to repair and/or fix any of these equipement, even if not originally supplied by Field  Support , we will quote for the spare parts or for their replacement with new one, depending on your need.

kitchen equipment such as oven, fryer, dish washing machine, meat slicer restaurant equipement such as hot display, salad station, under counter chiller and freezer laundry equipment such as washing machine, dryer, flat ironer utilities such as water treatment plant

Our design office and our kitchen equipment suppliers will provide you with the most appropriate list of equipment, depending on the number of meals to be served , the number of camp residents, the duration of your operations, the menu to be served...

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